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Arctic Exchange – Become a Pioneer

Greenland is the New Frontier - a country whose resources are plentiful and at risk of exploitation from big multinationals and Big Power Nations. It is time to rearrange the world order, an order in which Greenland´s Indigenous and original inhabitants, the Greenlanders, who live in balance with nature and have a great history of balanced utilization of their natural resources, can be given the means to develop their own country, without giving in for big politics and big money…

Greenland - The center of the Arctic

Greenland is far away from the dealings of the world economy and big industries, but as a nation is largely affected by them - the climate crisis and global warming is one of these effects. Another thing is, that the development in the country is largely dominated by foreign companies who are investing in different ventures, while the Indigenous population, the local Greenlanders, are merely spectators to this development. As a local Greenlander, it is practically impossible to have access to the financial markets, since those markets are situated in financial hubs elsewhere. It is much easier for a foreign company to obtain financing for an opportunity or venture in Greenland, since foreign companies are normally situated in a financial mature market that is looking for new opportunities. They have access to those financial transactions, while Greenlanders do not.

With the new blockchain technology and the accompanying crypto-currencies, we are able to tap into the new financial transaction streams, because blockchain technology and crypto-currencies are decentralized and are thriving in cyberspace. We are able to tap into those streams everywhere - all you need is a smartphone or a computer to do that.

This is the main driver for the Arctic Exchange: to secure that the Arctic region can tap into the new financial transaction streams and to secure that we, as Greenlanders, can be able to engage in different opportunities in Greenland - the New Frontier. To ensure that local Greenlanders have the opportunity to have control over own resources and the sustainable utilization hereof.

About Greenland

Greenland is the 12th biggest country in the world, in terms of size, and it is the world´s biggest island with 81% of the landmass covered by ice. The total population is just around 56,000 and the population density is the lowest in the world. Counting in the ice-free areas, population density is a mere 0.3 persons per square kilometers.

Most of the population live on the southwest coast. This includes the capital Nuuk with 18,000 inhabitants. Greenland has its own national flag and issues its own stamps. Danish Kroner (DKK) is legal tender. Greenland is also one of the world´s most inaccessible countries. It is not only difficult to access from the outside world, but also domestically, as each town is isolated from the others, with no connecting roads/land infrastructure. You either fly or sail between cities and settlements to get around.

This has resulted in Greenland investing heavily in digital infrastructure to arguably becoming the world´s most digitally advanced country. 97% of the population has one or more desktop/laptop, tablets or smartphones and 92% of the population has access to the Internet. 58% of the population access the Internet from their smartphone every single day and 65% of the population prefer communicating electronically with the public.

Greenland is geographically located on the North American continent. In terms of geopolitics, however, it is a part of Europe. Greenland is a self-governing country within the Kingdom of Denmark, which also includes the Faroe Islands. Greenland is not a part of the EU or NAFTA, which gives the country several opportunities in establishing itself on its own, in different areas.

Road to independence

Greenland was colonized by Denmark in 1721, and became a natural part of Denmark in 1953. The country introduced Home Rule in 1979, and left the EU in 1985 and finally established Self-rule in 2009. The next natural and historical step is to become an independent sovereign nation.

Today, Greenland is acquiring an increasingly international outlook in terms of politics and business, moving towards its goal to becoming a fully self-sustained economy and nation.

The GDP is approx. USD 2.5 billion. The yearly block grant from Denmark amounts to USD 560 million, which covers half of the government's yearly fiscal budget.

The road to independence starts with boosting the national economy in various sectors, to counteract the size of the block grant. Today Greenland relies solely on the fishery sector, which contributes to 90-95% of the country´s export revenues.

Arctic Exchange´s vision is to help build other revenue streams for Greenland, so the country can develop from the vantage point of the Greenlandic people. This work is centered around helping to develop projects in Greenland by tapping in to the financial transaction streams that are steadily growing within the crypto segment.

Some would say, that that road will be long and full of challenges, but we are already headed well down that road, which started with the introduction of Home Rule in 1979, and so far has brought us to further autonomy with the implementation of Self Governance in 2009.

This development moves forward one step at a time, and will eventually lead us to our goal of independence - which will happen sooner rather than later...

Arctic Exchange helps you Pioneering for a Better World Order, where sustainability and value-based development is centered. This is crucial in a time where Greenland's inland icecap is melting away because of global warming, which is caused by the late effects from the development of fossil fuel-based industries in the “Industrialized World”.

GDTA - Greenland Digital Technology Association

I addition to contributing to society through taxation schemes, Arctic Exchange has decided to support GDTA (Greenland Digital Technology Association) who proactively identify, introduce and promote digital/tech-based projects from Greenland, to secure further growth within the private sector, in order to help move Greenland forward within this sector as well. This will be done by allocating 10% of the revenues from the Arctic Exchange to the GDTA to support the cause.

Greenland has no regulatory framework that limits the crypto trade segment, and GDTA will promote the need for the Government to set up additional legislation to specifically attract high-tech software companies to establish themselves in Greenland. Greenland was put on the world map with the humorous offer of the United States to buy the country - and now we need the additional push from the legislative side, to make Greenland the coolest country for high tech software companies.

In the meantime we're paying our TAXES

(We´re doing our part…)

Being a Pioneer will support the Arctic Exchange, which itself is supporting development in Greenland, through paying its company taxes of 30% and through paying income tax of 42% - both will give an ongoing and substantial contribution to the country´s development - every dollar counts!

About Arctic Exchange

Arctic Exchange is a Greenland based company, with it's head office in Nuuk (the Capital), and thereby fully integrated in the local community, reaching out to the world population with an offer to become a real pioneer by defining a new world order and supporting a good cause by helping...

We´re all about sustainability

We are living in a fast-growing world while we are facing a big transformation taking place in front of our eyes. This catalyzed development is happening without any consideration to the old teachings about sustainable living of the natural resources. Europe is an example on how...

Arctic Exchange Vision

The vision of the Arctic Exchange ApS company is to build up a strong platform for a global community based on blockchain technologies. We want to bring a new income stream to the government of Greenland to help leading Greenland towards an independent nation...

Partnerships & Collaborations


Svend Hardenberg

About Svend

Svend is a native Greenlander, born in 1969 and raised in Nuuk. He took a master’s degree in business economics and have mainly working with infrastructure and big projects to impact society in a positive way.

Svend is a farther to 3 children (on 19, 13 & 11 years) and husband to the most renowned contemporary artist in Greenland, that has been working within the Crossfield of identity, culture, postcolonialism etc. He´s also a keen skier, fat-biker, hunter and crossfit´er. He just opened a coffee roastery in Nuuk, with a couple of friends, because the coffee that is available in the city wasn´t fresh enough.


  • Permanent Secretary, Premiers Office, Greenland Government
  • CEO, Qaasuitsup Municipality, Greenland
  • CEO, LinKS Advice, Denmark
  • CEO, Nukissiorfiit, National Energy Company, Greenland
  • Chairman of Greenland Development A/S, Greenland
  • Member of the Board, Tele Greenland A/S, Greenland

He has currently the following positions:

  • CEO, Mannvit ApS, Greenland
  • CEO, Kaffivik ApS, Greenland
  • Chairman, Arctic Exchange ApS, Greenland
  • Chairman, Sikumiut ApS, Greenland
  • Chairman, Greenland Invest ApS, Greenland
  • Chairman, Greenland Water Bank ApS, Greenland
  • Chairman, PV Green ApS, Greenland
Jimmy Courtland

About Jim

Jim is currently the CEO and founder of Outcome, a venture-backed, education finance startup. Prior to this role, Jim served as Head of Transformation for North America at BNP Paribas Asset Management. At BNP Paribas Asset Management, Jim was responsible for overseeing the North American implementation of a number of firm-wide organizational changes, including the reorganization of the firm from a multi-boutique model into a global model with unified business lines, the rebranding of the firm, the selection and implementation of a new operating platform and the creation and implementation of a strategic plan for expanding the commercial presence of BNPP AM in North America.  Before taking on a business management role within BNPP, Jim spent eight years as a Portfolio Manager within the Global Fixed Income team managing multi-asset portfolios, including global government bonds, corporates, structured securities and foreign exchange.


Jim has been actively involved in the tech space, serving as an advisor for a number of startups including Balloon, Inc., a social media platform, and AcordIQ, a fintech company building software solutions for asset managers.

Jim has a BA in economics and physics from the University of Virginia, where he was a Jefferson and Echols Scholar.  He is a graduate of the PLD executive management program at Harvard Business School and is a CFA Charterholder.

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