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The campaign is centered around funding the start-up of the Arctic Exchange, to secure that we will be operational after the second installment and fully operational after the third. Which produces an operational exchange within a very short timeframe and can start tapping into the crypto trading markets. This will generate a revenue stream for both company, shareholders and Greenland.

There is a total of 10 Mio. Arctic Exchange Tokens called "ARCTIC" being issued, which represent 100% of the shares in the company Arctic Exchange ApS, with the formal company registry number: CVR-no.: 39750953 and address in Nuuk:

25.5% will be sold through 6 installment campaigns on the 2Key platform:

  1. 250,000 tokens (2.5% of the total shares). Token price: USD 0.20
  2. 200.000 tokens (2.0% of the total shares). Token price: USD 0.25
  3. 333,333 tokens (3.33% of the total shares). Token price: USD 0.30
  4. 500,000 tokens (5% of the total shares). Token price: USD 0.40
  5. 600,000 tokens (6% of the total shares). Token price: USD 0.50
  6. 666,667 tokens (6.67% of the total shares). Token price: USD 0.60

The first campaign will run for a maximum duration of 3 months and will end when the tokens are sold or the period has expired.

Installment 1, will secure that the following are fully operational: website, community channels (telegram, twitter), association expansion (GDTA), securing more competencies to the company core team.

Installment 2, will secure that the Minimum Viable Product (exchange) is fully operational.

The Crypto Market

The crypto market capitalization is as per January 21st 2020: USD 233.62 billion, and is growing both in volume and value. We experience a natural migration from traditional stock trades into the crypto market, since it is easier and faster to finalize trades, transactions etc. in the crypto market.

Arctic Exchange aims to obtain 1% of the market within two years of operating, which has a value of USD 2.33 billion. We aim to grow that market share to 3% in year 3 of operating, which in today's market would have a value of USD 7.00 billion - this number will most likely be higher in the future taking into account that the market capitalizations and volumes will be growing steadily.

Crypto Market Capitalisation and Volumen USD

Crypto Exchange fees

The cooperation partners, for the exchange

2Key is the company that provides the means for issuing the Arctic Exchange Tokens "Arctic", which is a security token (each token represents a share of the company "Arctic Exchange ApS") that can be traded freely by the owners of the tokens.

Agura Inc. is the company that provides the white label trading platform and solution for Arctic Exchange. This means that Arctic Exchange will not use a lot of resources in developing a trading platform/solution from scratch, but will be able to initiate and utilize an existing and proven software solution.

You can access the campaign through the following link:

You are welcome to contact the CEO and Founder of Arctic Exchange, if you have any questions etc. on the following mail:

What Are Security Tokens?

Deloitte about Security Tokens: